Our youth program is aimed to work with anyone 14 and up who has experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. 

This consists of formal or informal counselling (telephone counselling sessions, options to colour, or walk around). The aim is to connect with our young minds exactly where they are at without the pressure of convention – increase their tool kits to deal with emotions, offer support while healing from the trauma experienced, and connect with other services aligned with their goals.

Let’s meet where you are comfortable. Our youth counsellors can meet youth at our office, in the community, or at school. 

If you, or someone you love, may be interested in receiving counselling with us – please call our office: 905.895.3646 email info@womenssupportnetwork.ca

Our youth counsellors facilitate groups on a range of different topics that impact youth, including helpful relationships, consent and boundaries, and more. 

Get in touch with us to learn about opportunities to have WSN facilitate a group or to partner with us on a group at 905.895.3646 or info@womenssupportnetwork.ca

Learn more about the other groups WSN offers here.

Our youth counsellors can provide presentations ranging from 1 hour to full-day workshops on a number of different topics including consent and boundaries, helpful (healthy) relationships, sexual violence, anti-human trafficking, and more! 

Have another topic in mind? No problem! Contact us at 905.895.3646 or info@womenssupportnetwork.ca to discuss the topic with our staff.

Interested in a presentation from WSN? Fill out our Presentation Request Form here.

Learn more about the other presentations WSN offers here.