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24/7 Crisis Line

Our Crisis Line operates 24-hours a day, every day of the year. We have well-trained staff …

Sexual Violence Counselling

Our Counselling Program provides individuals who have experienced sexual violence with client-centred, trauma-informed counselling at no cost, no matter where they are at on their healing journey. 

Anti – Human Trafficking

If you (or someone you love) is considering entering the game, is in the game, or being pressured to work in the game, we’re here to support you with whatever you need.

Group Programs

WSN always has FREE groups and workshops on the go! To sign up, please contact us at or 905.895.3646.

Public Education

Public education is the key to fostering a violence free community. Whether through workshops, presentations, attendance at festivals/events, social media, or social action events …

Resource Library

What is Sexual Violence Sexual violence can take many different forms and be defined in different ways, but one thing remains the same: it’s never the survivor’s fault. Defining Sexual Violence Violence is a broad term that describes any act, behaviour or comment that is sexual in nature that happened without consent. It can include…

Services en Français

Des Services en Français Des services en français sont disponibles auprès de nos partenaires, Colibri centre des femmes francophones et Fem’aide. Counseling / Intervention Colibri est un organisme sans but lucratif offrant des services aux femmes francophones qui ont vécu ou vivent de la violence conjugale et/ou sexuelle. La raison d’être du Colibri est de…

“Our vision is to eradicate sexual violence.”

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