24/7 Human Trafficking Help Line: 905.758.5285

If you (or someone you love) is considering entering the game, is in the game, or being pressured to work in the game, we’re here to support you with whatever you need.

We offer support, advocacy, and referrals to any agencies you may need. We work from a client-centered perspective where the client dictates the direction of their needs. Police are only involved upon client’s request. We are available 24/7 and are completely confidential.

Crisis Intervention

Needing some support right away? Wanting help getting access to other services? Or, just need a friendly voice to talk to? You are not alone.

We offer crisis support and will respond immediately to help with your needs. Our line is always open 24/7.

If you, or someone you love is in need of support or is at risk of being exploited, please call our Human Trafficking Help Line at 905.758.5285.

Case Management

Our Case Manager will provide individual support/advocacy to those who are/were “in the game” including free crisis counselling, safety planning and ongoing case management.

Case management supports could include:

  • Emergency basic needs such as food, clothing, hygiene items, etc.
  • Assistance with housing, education, employment, and other needs
  • Referrals to other supportive services, as needed (e.g. medical services, legal assistance)
  • Providing advocacy related to your needs (e.g. legal, immigration, CAS, etc.)

Every woman has the right to respect and dignity. At Women’s Support Network, we honour the wishes of each individual and will support their choices. We can provide condoms, bus tickets, gift cards, toiletries, and other essentials as needed. All communication is completely confidential and police will only become involved based on the wishes of the individual.

If you are feeling the need for support, we’re here to listen without judgment. Please call our 24/7 Human Trafficking Help Line: 905.758.5285.

Housing Subsidy

Clients who are accessing WSN’s anti-human trafficking services and live in York Region may be eligible for a housing subsidy.

The subsidy could include a deposit for first and last month’s rent and a monthly housing allowance.

This program currently has 3 available spots.

To get on the waitlist or inquire, please contact us at 905.895.3646 or info@womenssupportnetwork.ca.

Safe Passages

Safe Passages is a healing program for women who have experienced sexual exploitation. The Safe Passages Program allows survivors a consistent, safe environment to begin the process of healing from the layers of traumatic incidents they have been exposed to through sexual exploitation.

There are 3 components to the Program (survivors will participate in all three):

  • A 4-week pre-retreat group. 
  • In preparation for participating in the Safe Passages retreat, women will participate in a 4 week pre-group (one two-hour group session each week, for four weeks). In this group, women will meet other program members, meet program staff and prepare for the healing retreat experience.
  • A 1-week healing retreat. 
  • The Safe Passages healing retreat (women remain on-site at the retreat for a week) will provide survivors with a structured and safe program that allows women to understand the impacts of sexual exploitation, and provides intensive therapeutic strategies for long term healing and wellness.
  • A 2-week post-retreat group. 
  • Upon completion of the healing retreat, the women will participate in a 2-week post-group to help them integrate their learning from the retreat into their day to day lives.

How does the Safe Passages Healing retreat work?

The retreat is a one-week healing component of the overall program. During the Safe Passages retreat, women stay on-site at the retreat location for one week and participate in healing and self-care activities. During this time, the program provides survivors with a structured and safe program that supports them to understand the impacts of sexual exploitation and provides intensive therapeutic strategies for long-term healing and wellness.

Daily activities include group and individual support, body work, breath work, trauma recovery work, art, bundle and mask making, solitude and ceremonial fires.  Women will have access to various relaxation treatments, a pool, a sauna and a variety of self-care and land and water fitness activity options.

The location of the retreat is in Ramara, Ontario.  Each woman stays in her own bedroom with a three-piece bathroom. A trauma counsellor will be on site, including all overnights, to offer support to participants, as needed. All meals are included for the week and we accommodate all dietary restrictions (just let us know).  We can provide travel to and from the retreat (within York Region).

What is the registration fee for Safe Passages Program?

There is no cost for survivors to participate in Safe Passages groups and healing retreat. This Program is funded by the Anti-Human Trafficking Community Supports Fund, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Who should take part in Safe Passages?

Safe Passages welcomes any woman (aged 18 and up) who has experienced trafficking and sexual exploitation to participate. Women who wish to participate in the program should commit to take part in all three components: the pre-retreat group, the healing retreat itself, and the post-retreat group.

Please note that Safe Passages may not be a good fit for survivors who are in crisis, have exited a trafficking situation very recently, those who have not yet developed basic emotional coping skills, and those who do not have basic practical necessities (i.e. safe housing, access to food) in their day to day lives.

How can you refer to Safe Passages, or learn more?

If you know a trafficked survivor who could benefit from this therapeutic intervention, please get in touch with us! If you are interested in referring to a client, or have any questions contact us at 905.895.3646 or by email at info@womenssupportnetwork.ca.

For more information please read our Safe Passages Community Letter 2020

Group Programs

Soulful Awareness & Recovery Yoga

Group sessions will include gentle trauma informed yoga, breath work, energy work, sound healing & mediation will connecting in a safe sacred space, accessible for all levels. To register please email mmclean@womenssupportnetwork.ca

Learn more about the groups WSN offers here.

Anti-Human Trafficking Public Education & Outreach

We offer education on what human trafficking is, how to recognize the signs, and how to prevent someone from being exploited. Each presentation is developed with the specific audience in mind and what their needs entail.

We provide trainings for frontline social service providers on how to recognize the signs of CSE (Commercial Sexual Exploitation) and how to support individuals who have experienced sex trafficking.

We are open to attending community-based events as it is important for everyone to be aware of this seriousness of human trafficking in Canada.

Interested in an anti-human trafficking presentation from WSN? Fill out our Presentation Request Form here. 

Learn more about the other presentations WSN offers here.

24/7 SEXUAL VIOLENCE CRISIS LINE: 905.895.7313; Toll-Free: 1.800.263.6734