Curious How You Can Take Action?


With every $100 dollars donated, one more individual receives crisis counselling.

Even just a few dollars, goes a long way!

With every $200, one more individual receives long term counselling!
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Have an interest in crisis support? You should volunteer for our crisis line!

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What about helping with events? Supporting our youth initiatives? Contact Ashley, 905.895.3646 to find the opportunity we have for you!


Interested in putting together your own event for a good cause?


Any ideas that you have, we are looking forward to work with you! Call us to find out more information on how you can be an ambassador for us – 905.895.3646

Partner with us!

In need of training? A workshop? Networking?

We love working with community partners!

We are always looking for new opportunities to meet new people, spread awareness and prevent sexual violence. Call us to connect – 905.895.3646.

Let’s Work Together to End Sexual Violence

Help our dream become a reality by working with us to prevent sexual violence, increase supports for survivors, unite our community around this cause and together eradicate the systemic issues that reinforce sexual violence.

  • Tax receipts are issues for all donations $20 are over
  • We also accept gift cards that go directly to survivors
  • Have another idea? Amazing! We cannot wait to hear about it.