What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence can take many different forms and be defined in different ways, but one thing remains the same: it’s never the survivor’s fault.

Sexual violence is a broad term that describes any act, behaviour or comment that is sexual in nature that happened without consent.

It can include but is not limited to: sexual assault, rape (date rape, marital rape, partner rape, stranger rape), gang rape, ritual abuse, sexual harassment, online/digital sexual harassment, incest, childhood sexual abuse, stalking, sexual exploitation (sex trafficking), unwanted comments or jokes.

Consent is an enthusiastic, sober, active yes!

Myth #1

Rapes are most likely to occur by a creepy stranger

Fact #1

Only 10% of rapes are committed by strangers; 90% are known – and usually trusted – by the individual

Myth #2

Girls play 'hard to get' and say no when they really mean yes

Fact #2

If someone does not actually have a yes, then proceeding is sexual violence

Myth #3

If a girl was drunk or wore a short skirt, she deserved it

Fact #3

It is never, ever the survivor’s fault. No one deserves sexual violence!

Myth #4

People lie about being raped because they regretted having sex afterwards

Fact #4

Contrary to popular belief and media representation, false allegations are incredibly rare.

Myth #5

Men don't get raped and women don't commit sexual offences

Fact #5

The majority of sexual violence is committed by men against women, girls, boys and trans-identified. While less so, men are still targets of rape. Women have perpetrated sexual violences.

Myth #6

If two people have had sex with each other before, it's always OK to have sex again

Fact #6

Nope. Nope. Nope. Consent needs to be active – therefore, in the moment and continual.
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‘Draw The Line’ is an interactive campaign that aims to engage Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence. The campaign challenges common myths about sexual violence and equips bystanders with information on how to intervene safely and effectively.