All our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental

Walk-in counselling available every Thursday starting July 11th, 2019.

4:00pm to 8:00pm

At 1110 Stellar Drive, Unit 109, Newmarket ON

For info, please call 905.895.364

Our Crisis Line operates 24-hours/per day, every day of the year. We have well-trained staff and volunteers to respond to all calls with care, sensitivity, non-judgement and compassion. We receive thousands of phone calls a year.

If you, or someone you know, is need of support please call our crisis line:
Local: 905.895.7313
Toll-Free: 1.800.263.6734

We also are pleased to announce our human trafficking crisis line:
Helpline: 905.758.5285

Our Counselling Program provides individuals with client-centred, trauma-informed counselling no matter where they are at on their healing journey.

We offer:
Crisis counselling, where a counsellor responds within 48 hours of initial contact and receives up to three appointments
Ongoing counselling, where individuals work one-to-one with a counsellor for up to 24 weeks (renewable on a case by case basis if more support is needed)

If you, or someone you love, may be interested in receiving counselling with us – please call our office: 905.895.3646
*Self-referrals are welcome

Our youth program is aimed to work with anyone 21 and under who has experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. This consists of formal counselling or informal counselling (telephone counselling sessions, options to colour or walk around). The aim is to connect with our young minds exactly where they are at without the pressure of convention – increase their tool kits to deal with emotions, offer support while healing from the trauma experienced, connect with other services aligned with their goals.

WSN always has groups and workshops on the go! And, of course, always free. To sign up, please contact Ashley, Program Manager – or 905.895.3646

Currently running:

-Women in Art – Explore your creative side with a phenomenal group of women dedicated to their healing through artistic expressions.

The role of public education is to proactively respond to the issue of sexual violence by raising awareness on the topic, changing attitudes that shape rape15342996869_b4784b7f83_k culture, and empowering our community to take effective action. We accomplish this task through:

  • Presentations and Workshops
    • Presentations are tailored to the audience, which can range from educational institutions, faith-based organizations, businesses, governmental organizations and non-profits
    • Topics are based on request, examples include: healthy relationships, consent, responding to a disclosure, …
    • Request a presentation from us! Click here
  • Community events
    • These are opportunities to increase awareness on the subject, take action and ensure girls are women are informed of our services
    • Take Back the Night is the biggest event of the year!
    • Interested in partnering with us on an event? Click here
  • Developing literature
    • These are informational tools can go a long way to get the word out about us and our cause
    • We have pamphlets, flyers, banner pens and more
    • Let us know if you would like some materials!
  • Media
    • We aim to maintain a visible profile in the community and gain as much attention to this issue of sexual violence as we can
    • RogersTV, Snapd Newmarket and our social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook
    • We are always looking for opportunities for media exposure, know of one? Let us know