women's support network

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Free, confidential services

for women who have experienced sexual violence

24/7 Crisis Counselling

905.895.7313 or 1.800.263.6734 (toll free)

Our services include:

Counselling, outreach, human trafficking
case management and public education

Learn more about sexual violence

In Canada

1 in 3 women will experience sexual assault


Let's put an end to sexual violence

See what you can do:

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did you know human trafficking happens in York Region?




Free confidential support

for girls and women in the game


Not sure if it was assault?

Not sure what to do?

You are in the right place!

We are here to help you, or a friend, with any question

Never hesitate to call


For a friend


Don't want to leave

In love

Not ready

Not so bad

For a family member



Still happy


Our community of survivors

created a survivor's corner...

It includes:

Tools, creative expressions and more!

Want to add to it? Email us!

You are not in this alone!

At Women's Support Network

We offer client-driven support

How can we help?

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Quick Exit

Cover Your Tracks



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News & Events

Sexual Violence Services

Human Trafficking Services

24/7 Free Crisis Line: 1.800.263.6734

24/7 Ligne de Soutien: 1.877.336.2433

Human Trafficking Helpline: 905.758.5285

Crisis Text (Thursdays from 6-10pm): 647.492.5188

Women’s Support Network (WSN) is York Region’s only sexual violence crisis centre.

We are dedicated to providing free, nonjudgemental, confidential services for anyone who has experienced sexual violence in their life time.

Learn More!

We are excited to announce that we now offer crisis support through text or chat every Thursday from 6-10pm.

Text Line: (647) 492-5188

Become an ally today!

Invest in a future without sexual violence

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All services are free, confidential and non-judgmental

Main Office: 1110 Stellar Drive, Unit 109, Newmarket ON, L3Y 7B&
Administration: 1.905.895.3646
Fax: 1.905.985.6542
Email: info@womenssupportnetwork.ca

24/7 Crisis Line: 905.895.7313 / 1.800.263.6734 (toll free)
Human Trafficking Helpline: 905.758.5285

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Without funding and donations, our programs and projects would not exist.

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24/7 Crisis Number:
(Toll Free - 1.800.263.6734)